About This Project

Hi there, I’m Meghan Harms, a Senior Communications major and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi at Saint Joseph’s University. This is my senior year project about diversity, equity, and inclusion within Greek life, focusing on sororities. Being in a sorority and also passionate about D.E.I, this was a project I wanted to do to show how important D.E.I is in Greek life since it has a long history of negative stereotypes of being exclusive.

Throughout the semester, I’ve interviewed people from a Black Greek-lettered Organization and people from a non-BGLO organization for their insights on D.E.I and in Greek life and what it means to them. These interviews were conducted in person on camera and over Zoom, which were turned into audio files at the interviewees’ discretion.

There are transcripts for the audio files on their respective page for anyone who needs them.